Weekly Clix0rs – July 9th, 2008

Posted in News Clippings, Weekly Clix0r on July 9th, 2008 by Jade Robbins

clix0rThis week’s Clix0r brings you some computer mods, a sequel or something, worthless operating systems, our half year in review, and Harrison Ford captured in plasticonite.

Team Fortress 2 Dispenser Mod – bit-tech.net. Some guy made a dispenser for TF2 designed to hold a computer. Why would you do that? I would make a dispenser that was designed to dispense sandwiches or SOMETHING. Regardless, pretty cool and I tip my hat to him.

Diablo 3 – blizzard. The speculation was right, Blizzard announced Diablo 3. They also have plenty of gameplay videos and other fun stuff. Just don’t be the whiney internet bitches complaining about the environment. It’s DIABLO man.

Call of Duty 4 Coming to the Mac! – #!/usr/bin/m3mnon. Props to a platform getting a game seven months after it was released for everything else. I mean seriously. I’ve already been obsessed and gotten over this game. But hey! It’ll run at 13 frames per second! Kind of sounding alot like my Wii. . .

Video game reviews: The best of 2008 (so far…) – telegraph. A good synopsis of some of the better games on the list. Although, I found it funny that Brawl was on there. I bought it, played it twice, and haven’t touched it since.

Zero Punctuation: LEGO Indy – the Escapist. Everyone’s favorite angry Australian Yatzee gives his thoughts on LEGO Indiana Jones.

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