Battlefield 1943 Review

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BF-1943-LogoWell I’ll be honest, I never really got into Battlefield 1942 or Desert Combat, but MAN did I love Battlefield 2. It was my World of Warcraft. I’ve never had more friends playing a single game at a single time, and I loved it. I was often the squad leader, and we would ROLL other teams. When I heard about Battlefield 1943 being release my excitement was tempered because of Battlefield Heroes, but let’s hop into the game and see how it goes.

The Good

The game is fun. It has all the classic elements of Battlefield combat: land, sea, and air vehicles mashed in with a large ground-based capture the flag maps. Another huge plus is that the game is only $15. I think that this is a great step in the right direction. I hope it sends a message to game publishers that you can publish a game that might not look the best or be game of the year but if it’s fun and cheap people will buy it.

They are also doing a challenge where the community unlocks new content by getting a large number of global kills. At 43,000,000 kills the respective system (Xbox360 or PS3) unlocked the Coral Bay map (which is an air-combat only map). This REALLY incentivized people to get on as much as possible and keep the fight going 24/7. Editors Note: Both systems have unlocked Coral Bay, although the Xbox 360 was the first to do so.

The Bad

This game is slow. While I enjoy playing it, I never get really passionate about it like I do COD4 or TF2. You have no sense of teamwork, or team goals, which is a problem in a game centered around team and squad based objectives. You basically run around capping points, trying to kill the enemy. When the game is over you are never really surprised about who won, because you have no clue what is going on elsewhere in the match.

The game in general seems very non-immersive. When I shoot my gun or run around I don’t FEEL like a soldier on a battlefield. I almost feel like I’m playing a rail shooter in an arcade.

When I hopped back into COD4 after playing this game for a couple reasons, I realized why COD4 is SO GOOD. When you run the camera moves around like I’m running, when I shoot my gun the camera makes me feel like I’m actually shooting a rifle, Battlefield 1943 just doesn’t do that.

The Down-Low

This game is fun and cheap, plain and simple. As you can tell, it wasn’t the best game I’ve ever played by any stretch of the imagination but it keeps me entertained and got me to pry open my wallet instead of GameFly’ing it like I do most games.

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Weekly Clix0rs – July 9th, 2008

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clix0rThis week’s Clix0r brings you some computer mods, a sequel or something, worthless operating systems, our half year in review, and Harrison Ford captured in plasticonite.

Team Fortress 2 Dispenser Mod – Some guy made a dispenser for TF2 designed to hold a computer. Why would you do that? I would make a dispenser that was designed to dispense sandwiches or SOMETHING. Regardless, pretty cool and I tip my hat to him.

Diablo 3 – blizzard. The speculation was right, Blizzard announced Diablo 3. They also have plenty of gameplay videos and other fun stuff. Just don’t be the whiney internet bitches complaining about the environment. It’s DIABLO man.

Call of Duty 4 Coming to the Mac! – #!/usr/bin/m3mnon. Props to a platform getting a game seven months after it was released for everything else. I mean seriously. I’ve already been obsessed and gotten over this game. But hey! It’ll run at 13 frames per second! Kind of sounding alot like my Wii. . .

Video game reviews: The best of 2008 (so far…) – telegraph. A good synopsis of some of the better games on the list. Although, I found it funny that Brawl was on there. I bought it, played it twice, and haven’t touched it since.

Zero Punctuation: LEGO Indy – the Escapist. Everyone’s favorite angry Australian Yatzee gives his thoughts on LEGO Indiana Jones.

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