Auditorium: Now with Full Version

auditorium2I recently discovered the online game Auditorium and must say am VERY amazed at it’s beauty, well I am pleased to announce they the full version of the game was recently released for the extra low price of $10.99.

It’s independent and cheap

If you haven’t played this game then go RIGHT NOW to and try it out. You can play the first 3 acts of the game for free. This game appeals to the ears AND the eyes. The goal of the game is to fill up each of the color containers with particles from the “The Flow” that are the corresponding color. You do this by using the various controls to manipulate the stream.

This Game Relaxes

Due to the beautiful flow of colors and delightfully poignant soundtrack, this game will put you in a relaxing trance. This isn’t a game for the hardcore FPSers looking to get their heart rate up, this is for people who want to relax at the end of the day, or hide in a browser tab for when the boss isn’t looking.

There is no one solution to each level

This game is different each time you play it, and there are always multiple solutions toe each problem. In the process of writing this post I replayed the first two acts and still found some of the puzzles difficult and just as quizzical as my first time around.


At least play the first 3 acts for free on the site, you owe the creators of this game that much. If you like it, but the full version for only 11 bucks.

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