5 Biggest Differences Between PC and Console Gaming

wiihate5. The Audience – It seems as a whole that PC gamers are usually mature. You see quite a few more whipper snappers playing the consoles these days. That is okay, I like to surf different crowds. You know, hop on Xbox live and pretend to be 16 then go to the Montana Fragfest TF2 server and be an angry 40 year old. This age gap is very apparent when on Xbox live when that DAMN 12 YEAR OLD WONT SHUT THE HELL UP AND QUICK SCREAMING INTO HIS HEADSET ABOUT “PWNING” AND TALKING SMACK ABOUT YOUR MOTHER. PC gamers just talk about getting drunk and/or stoned and still kicking ass on the server.

4. Upgrade Cycles – If you pick your pony in the console market you can be assured that pretty much any new game coming out for quite some time will be playable no questions asked. Eventually our console is old as dirt and the “next-next-next-next-next-gen” console comes out and we know to pry open our wallets and start arguing with Playstation fanbois about why you won’t pay through the nose for a POS. Upgrading on the PC is a very personal process that us PC gaming nerds take very seriously. You probably shouldn’t ask PC nerds about upgrading unless you want to hear quite a bit of technical information (about hz, overclocking, heat, etc.) and arguments about whether or not it’s prudent to spend $500 bucks on a video card.

3. Location, Location, Location – PC gaming and Console gaming happen in two very different locations. PC games happen at a desk, in an office chair. A very erect stance is taken, conveying professionalism and dedication. Console gaming happens in the front room, in front of a TV, on a couch or easy chair. This means that thee is quite a bit more relaxing happening when you play console games. A great example is that sometimes I’ll kick back, put my feet on the ottoman and kick some ass at COD4 on my 360. Friends can sit and watch me play my console, socialize with me while I do, take turns, etc. PC gaming on the other hand is a very personal experience. Please don’t bug me, I’m trying to kick ass.

2. Flexibility – When gaming on a PC the world is at your fingertips. Remember, the PC wasn’t MADE for gaming, but it does it pretty well. PC gamers demand things fairly open an un-restrictive. We want only the game, and we make the rest of the decisions our self. When buying a console (ignoring all you dirty little hacker types) you aren’t only buying the hardware, you are buying the OS, multiplayer system, and reliability. The closed nature of the console gives us security and a warm fuzzy inside.

And Finally. . . . . .

1. The Ever-So-Volatile Mouse vs Controller Debate – This debate has been raging since the dawn of the Xbox (which really brought the FPS controller debate to the forefront). The truth is, they are both great systems of controlling, as long as they are NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER allowed to intermix. When facing each other, the mouse has a distinct advantage. I’m not saying one is better than the other, I’ve recently gotten VERY good at first person shooters with the controller and find it to be a very elegant way to control a game. . . . as long as you are playing with other people using controllers.

You know, there may be differences, but let’s bury the hatchet. We are both video gamers. We love the same thing, we just do it differently. So I encourage all of us, go find your counterpart and shake his hand, or better yet: play a game with him. PC guys, go pick up a controller and learn to use the damn thing! Console guys, pony up some dough for a PC and get fragging. Either way, at least we aren’t watching Anime, and trust me, that’s a good thing.

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