Weekly Clix0rs – July 9th, 2008

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clix0rThis week’s Clix0r brings you some computer mods, a sequel or something, worthless operating systems, our half year in review, and Harrison Ford captured in plasticonite.

Team Fortress 2 Dispenser Mod – bit-tech.net. Some guy made a dispenser for TF2 designed to hold a computer. Why would you do that? I would make a dispenser that was designed to dispense sandwiches or SOMETHING. Regardless, pretty cool and I tip my hat to him.

Diablo 3 – blizzard. The speculation was right, Blizzard announced Diablo 3. They also have plenty of gameplay videos and other fun stuff. Just don’t be the whiney internet bitches complaining about the environment. It’s DIABLO man.

Call of Duty 4 Coming to the Mac! – #!/usr/bin/m3mnon. Props to a platform getting a game seven months after it was released for everything else. I mean seriously. I’ve already been obsessed and gotten over this game. But hey! It’ll run at 13 frames per second! Kind of sounding alot like my Wii. . .

Video game reviews: The best of 2008 (so far…) – telegraph. A good synopsis of some of the better games on the list. Although, I found it funny that Brawl was on there. I bought it, played it twice, and haven’t touched it since.

Zero Punctuation: LEGO Indy – the Escapist. Everyone’s favorite angry Australian Yatzee gives his thoughts on LEGO Indiana Jones.

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Weekly Clix0rs – July 2nd, 2008

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clix0rThis week’s Clix0r features some TF2 news, angry nerds, E3 shunning, crappy Wii games, and the best social movement to date.

TF2’s Heavy Class Next To Get Achievements, Unlockable Weapons – shacknews. Valve just now released that the next update will be to the heavy class. Specifically, trying to make the big guy more useful without a medic. This sounds perfect, being that when they release the update you won’t be able to find a medic within three miles of the millions of heavies running around.

Angry Video Game Nerd – ScrewAttack. The Angry Video Game Nerd reviews games that are. . . well crappy. He does it with comedic flair, beer, and usually nonsensical tirades of swearing. Give him a look, and for the love of god don’t get a Sega 32x.

Duke Nukem Forever Devs: ‘E3 is Irrelevant’ – wired. That is right, the developers of 3D Realms have such a good pulse on the gaming industry that they decided E3 was irrelevant and won’t be attending. I guess you have lots of time to know what is going on in the gaming industry while you are busy taking 10+ years to make a single FPS.

Wii Top7 – Most Anticipated Games – GameTrailers. This has to be the worst “top” list I’ve ever seen. Most lists like this go in increments of 5, but this one does seven. Why? BECAUSE THERE ARE NO GOOD GAMES COMING OUT FOR THE WII EVER. They would probably be lynched if they threw 3 more games on there because they would have to put games like “Billie’s Bar Darts” or “Another Wii Tennis Game”.

Ohio LIbrary Now Loaning Video Games – Joystiq. This. . . is awesome. A library in Ohio is adding video games to the list of mediums they will loan out. Unfortunately, it looks like they are only doing more modern titles. When I can go to the library and check out old NES and SNES games I will be a happy, happy boy.

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Weekly Clix0rs – June 25th, 2008

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clix0rThis weeks Clix0r is filled with some classic Quake action, Blizzard game speculation, awesome games in the wings, idiots lending money to bigger idiots, and proof that the gaming industry is an overinflated market of CRAP.

Amazing Quake Speedrun – wegame. A really cool speedrun of the original Quake game. Pretty hardcore, this guy uses grenades and bunny hops to get the most speed as possible. Kind of sad though, because I remember Quake being AWESOME and state of the art. I’m old. 2 part video, so watch ‘em both.

Blizzard Spash Screen a Sign? – Blizzard. A new splash screen on the Blizzard homepage is teasing gamers. Speculation is running rampant on the internets as to what they will be announcing next. Diablo 3? Lost Vikings Sequel? World of Starcraft? We’ll see in the coming weeks.

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Weekly Clix0rs – June 18th, 2008

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clix0rLots of news on the next big Team Fortress 2 update, as well as some Battlefield: Bad Company trailer action and some gamer jewelery.

Meet the Sniper – Valve. The latest in the Team Fortress 2 “Meet the” video series. This one complete with head shots, booze bottles in the head, and parental troubles.

TF2 Pyro Update Coming This Thursday – Shacknews. The latest TF2 update will be released this Thursday, June 19th. It includes the new pyro weapons as well as 35 new pyro achievements. Now instead of seeing 50% medics on a team there will at least be 60% pyros for the next two months.

Hey, Look! It’s the Pyro’s New Gun! – Kotaku. In the new Meet the Sniper video we may have gotten a sneak peek at the pyro’s new weapon. Looks pretty cool, I hope it shoots flaming marshmallows.

New Battlefield: Bad Company Trailer Pokes Fun at Metal Gear Solid – ripten. The newest Battlefield: Bad Company trailer makes fun of Metal Gear Solid 4. Should be a good game for the 360, maybe it’ll suck off some of the COD4 addicts on Live.

Clever Chick Makes Portal Earrings – Lively Ivy. This girl made some portal themed earrings that are very clever. Don’t ask her where the portal to her pants is, though, it might bring you trouble.

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Weekly Clix0rs – June 11th, 2008

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clix0rTF2 Pyro Update Includes Significant Class Changes; First Unlockable Weapon Unveiled - Shacknews. The next update in Team Fortress 2’s unlocking/achievement system is due soon. The big daddy getting the overhaul this time? The Pyro. Can’t wait for servers to be 3/4 full of pyros when this puppy is released.

Hey Ashly, Whatcha Playing: Episode Three – Destructoid. A brother and his sister re-enact a pivotal scene in everyone’s favorite game: Bioshock. Spoiler alert. (Editor’s note, I only finished enough of Bioshock to know what is happening here. What? Don’t judge me. I was playing it on the 360 and couldn’t spin around fast enough therefore the game was too scary. I’ll finish it on my computer some day, I swear).

New Duke Nukem Forever Footage Released – Shacknews. In some sort of a weird podcast/interview a guy gets to play Duke Nukem Forever. That is unimportant, what is more important is there is ACTUAL GAME FOOTAGE of this game. It had better be released and the best thing ever, although I’m not 13 anymore so Duke might not be as cool these days.

Team Fortress 2 meets Pulp Fiction – WeGame. This is a great little machinima featuring the demoman and scout from TF2. NSFW due to language, but possibly worth getting fired over.

First Call of Duty 5 Info – 1UP. Some information about the new Call of Duty game in development. It returns us back to WWII, but this time in the Pacific theater. Can’t wait for this game, COD4 was like Xbox 360 crack for me and many of my buddies.

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